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Gingrich: Hillary Clinton's Russia Connection 'Stunning'

Gingrich: Hillary Clinton's Russia Connection 'Stunning'
  • Former House Speaker suggests Congressional hearings to investigate further.

5 hours ago By The Daily Caller

Maxine Waters And The Death Of The Democrat Party

Maxine Waters And The Death Of The Democrat Party
  • Maxine Waters' insane rants are the last breaths of the left.

9 hours ago By The Alex Jones Show

Dem Senate Candidate Headed Soros Project to Transform Feds Into SJWs

Jones’ project called on federal prosecutors to reduce or avoid sentences for drug offenders

10 hours ago By Breitbart

FBI director says agency couldn’t hack into nearly 7,000 encrypted devices

This is more than half of the mobile devices the FBI tried to access

10 hours ago By RT

Oct 23, 2017
McCain Still Working To Save ObamaCare
The establishment won't let Trump kill Obamacare without a fight.

Oct 22, 2017
Executive Order: Trump To Recall 1,000 Retired Air Force Pilots Back Into Service
President addressing pilot shortage by amending George W. Bush post-9/11 order.

Oct 21, 2017
Clueless Pelosi: There’s No ‘Fracture’ In The Democratic Party
Insists the Dems have nothing to worry about despite GOP controlling WH, House, & Senate.

Oct 21, 2017
Hillary Clinton Admits She Tried To Skip Trump’s Inauguration
Had called Trump's inauguration speech a 'cry from the nationalist gut.'

Oct 20, 2017
Establishment Lines Up To Lie About President Trump
Russian collusion myths continue to be pushed by globalist politicians.

Oct 19, 2017
McConnell Bites The Bullet: 5 Day Work Week For Senate
Senators actually put in some work to try and pass tax reform before their deadline.

Oct 19, 2017
Trump to Nominate Simons to Lead FTC, White House Says
Simons to tackle Google, Amazon monopolies?

Oct 19, 2017
Senate Poised for Crucial Vote Related to Tax Reform Measure
Senate Republicans poised to approve budget measure that would help pass tax legislation - without Democrats.

Oct 18, 2017
Report: FBI Informant Blocked From Telling Congress About Russia Nuclear Case
Obama DOJ muzzled informant to curry favor with Clintons, says lawyer.

Oct 18, 2017
Sessions Won’t Order Formal Review Of Asset Forfeiture Policy
“I am aware of the concerns you and others have,” Sessions said

Oct 18, 2017
Marine Vet Waited 120 Days To Be Seen Via Choice Program
“The feeling you get when the government treats you like a pawn in their health care system..."

Oct 18, 2017
Dems Sue Trump For Rescinding Executive Order
Trump overturned the illegal actions of Obama.

Oct 18, 2017
CIA says Mistakenly ‘shredded’ Senate Torture Report Then Did Not
Suddenly discovered its copy on "enhanced interrogation techniques" had not been lost after all.

Oct 17, 2017
The List Of Women Assaulted By Bill Clinton Is Even Longer Than Expected
Hillary Clinton is ferocious when it comes to going after Bill's accusers.

Oct 17, 2017
LAPD Board Could Approve Controversial Drone Program Tuesday
Approval of the program would come despite opposition from civil liberties activists.

Oct 17, 2017
Video: Trump Delivers Incredible Speech At Values Voter Summit
Trump says Americans will be saying Merry Christmas again and not bowing to PC pressure.

Oct 16, 2017
Florida Gov Declares State Of Emergency Over Richard Spencer Speech
Free speech now apparently a threat to national security.

Oct 16, 2017
Will Lying Democrats Use 25th Amendment To Attack Trump?
Establishment politicians from both major parties are coming together to impeach Trump.

Oct 16, 2017
Paul Ryan: ‘It Would Be Naive’ To Think Congress Doesn’t Have Its Own ‘Harvey Weinsteins’
'In any institution, wherever you look in society, you're going to have these kinds of problems,' says Ryan.

Oct 16, 2017
Clinton Foundation To Keep Harvey Weinstein’s $250,000 Donation
'There's no one to give it back to,' Hillary said last week.

Sep 22, 2017
National crime isn’t the epidemic the FBI would have us believe
It's necessary to dig deeper into the numbers to understand what they mean

Sep 22, 2017
C.I.A. Mockingbird Controlled The Press
The U.S. government has been infiltrating media for decades

Sep 21, 2017
House Passes Bill to Expel Gang Members From US
Sharpens focus on deporting transnational gang members such as MS-13

Sep 21, 2017
Report: Former UN Ambassador Attempted To Unmask More Than 260 Americans
Suspected of trying to obtain the identities of Trump associates through intelligence reports.

Sep 20, 2017
A-Hole Of The Week: General James Clapper
Clapper denies Trump was ever under surveillance

Sep 20, 2017
Trump Agenda Needs Congressmen Who Support It
Anti-Trump politicians need to be voted out of office

Sep 20, 2017
This Is The Candidate That Will Defeat Paul Ryan
It's time to vote globalist candidates out of office everywhere

Sep 20, 2017
Oklahoma City cops shoot & kill deaf man, despite warnings
Officer who fired his gun placed on administrative leave

Sep 20, 2017
The Washington Post’s Latest (and Lamest) Attack on the Mises Institute
But libertarianism is based on the idea that it's wrong to inflict violence on other people

Sep 19, 2017
Crossing the Border Illegally Is Harder Than It’s Been in 50 Years, DHS Report Says
The report from the DHS Office of Immigration Statistics used arrest and migrant survey data to arrive at estimates

Sep 19, 2017
Dem Congressmen Arrested At Trump Tower Protest
Democrat Trump-hysteria continues

Sep 18, 2017
Alabama Special Election Pits Establishment Against Trump Movement
It's time for patriots in Alabama to flush the establishment down the drain

Sep 18, 2017
For Bloomberg, Higher Taxes Are The Sweet Spot
Former NYC Mayor spending millions to push a tax on sugary drinks in Chicago

Sep 18, 2017
Two Additional Navy Officers Relieved In Wake of Deadly Pacific Crashes
The Navy said the decision was made out of a "loss of confidence in their ability to command"