A petition demanding Oprah Winfrey disavow serial sex predator Harvey Weinstein is building momentum, having passed 15,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

The petition calls on the talk show host, who is rumored to be considering a run for president in 2020, to publicly distance herself from the disgraced director.

Winfrey was pictured with Weinstein at numerous events over the last five years and had a close professional relationship with him stretching back two decades.

She reportedly called Weinstein to offer her support even after the revelations about his mass sexual assault of women exploded into the public eye last year.

Questions are swirling as to the credibility of Oprah presenting herself as an advocate for the #MeToo movement against the sexual abuse of women during her Golden Globes speech given how close she is to the biggest pervert in Hollywood.

Weinstein’s notorious behavior was an open secret within Hollywood circles for decades, casting doubt on the notion that Oprah was completely unaware of his reputation.

British actress Kadian Noble said she met Weinstein at a 2014 event in London and that Oprah was “swinging off his arm”. She said that Weinstein used Oprah to lure her in with the promise of boosting her career.

More people are beginning to ask ‘what did Oprah know and when did she know it?’

Sign the petition here and demand that Oprah disavow Harvey Weinstein.


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