Conservative icon Pat Buchanan told radio host Michael Savage that President Trump should demonstrate that he is capable of learning from his mistakes before they snowball out of control, and should back down from his threats of war in Syria.

During an interview on the Savage Nation, the former advisor to presidents Ford, Nixon, and Reagan warned that Trump has backed himself into a corner with his ultimatums, but that it is not too late to correct course and follow sensible, Constitutional protocols before jumping to rash decisions being advocated by neocons and war mongers behind the scenes.

"I think Trump should reflect and see if he's a big enough man, quite frankly, to try to climb down from the threat he has issued," Buchanan said, adding that the President should rely on the advice of the generals who serve in his cabinet, rather than new National Security Advisor, John Bolton - a notorious war hawk.

"You have to realize, there are people in Washington D.C. who want this war, who want a conflict with Russia in Syria, and with Iran in Syria, and with the Syrians," Buchanan continued. "So if the President wants to avoid conflict - and I think he should - he's going to have to come back in off that limb."

"He should show he's a big enough man to realize he's made a mistake, and not to double down by taking us to war in order to justify and back up that mistake."

Buchanan detailed a course of action that he believes the President should pursue, including advocating for a formal analysis by neutral chemical weapons inspectors, a de-confliction strategy with Russia in Syria, and calling upon Congress to authorize a declaration of war in order to "buy time" - and also avoid Trump opening himself up for impeachment by attacking Syria without approval.

Dr. Savage commented on a lack of pushback from 'right wing' media against the war fever, noting that Infowars is the only outlet speaking as a voice of reason in this turbulent time.

"The only website that is running anything about this madness right now is Infowars with Alex Jones," Savage said, going to read an article headline from "This is very serious stuff, and yet there's a huge blackout amongst right wing news sites, Pat - it's as though I am living in an absolute propagandist's dream."

While there may be a lack of advocacy for peace from the press, there has been substantial outcry from Trump's base who have supported him in large part because of his vocal opposition to American interventionism, and it may be having an affect as the President seems to be cooling down his fiery rhetoric.


"Never said when an attack on Syria would take place," Trump tweeted on Thursday morning. "Could be very soon or not so soon at all! In any event, the United States, under my Administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS. Where is our 'Thank you America?'"

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