Monday, January 22, 2018 | Video

Report: Insurgent Shelling Kills Nine in Old Damascus
  • 11 more injured in ancient Christian borough, Bab Touma
Sessions Attacks 12-Year-Old Girl With Epilepsy
  • More bad optics coming from Trump's AG.
Asteroid Spotted Seven Hours before Flying Past Earth
  • While small, damage on orbiting satellites possible.
Video: YouTube Removes Video of Woman Who Says She Lives in Fear in Germany

"Should (our) men become the same? Should they begin stabbing?"

Report: Vaccine Safety Assessments Falsified to Support Vaccination Policy

Ruling out causal relationships between vaccination and adverse events reportedly main standard.

Oxford University Extends Exam Time in Bid to Help Women get Better Grades

Discrepancy reportedly aimed to reduce effects of time pressure, thought to impact women.

Former Military Lawyers: Chelsea Manning Subject To Prosecution For Running For Office

Transgender soldier spent seven years in prison for leaking documents to WikiLeaks

Actress Thanks Trump For Inspiring Child Rape Film

President's crude remarks as bad as pedophilia, she says.

Trump Trolls Women's March: 'Get Out There to Celebrate Historic Milestones'

'Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!'

Secrets Of Trump Presidency Discovered Outside Trump Tower

Trump's NYC tower is testament to his achievements.

Obama's Deceit Has Finally Come Back To Bite Him
Obama's Deceit Has Finally Come Back To Bite Him
  • The globalists are running scared.

By: The Alex Jones Show


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Tokyo Holds ‘first ever’ Missile Attack Drills Amid N. Korea Tensions

By: 2 hours ago

Tokyo activated government’s J-alert system to simulate missile launch towards city.

The Democrats Support Transnational Gang Expansion On Your Dime

By: Jon Bowne | 2 hours ago

Liberal politicians are allowing gang members to enter the country in unprecedented numbers.

Duterte Orders Army to ‘shoot him’ if he Becomes Dictator

By: 2 hours ago

'I am not joking.'

Release The Memo!

By: Jon Bowne | 2 hours ago

Establishment swamp creatures are terrified of the damning FISA memo.

Alex Jones' Biggest Fan

By: Millie Weaver | 3 hours ago

A listener explains how Infowars changed his life.

Anti-Trump Billionaire: Party To Impeach!

By: Jamie White | 3 hours ago

Delusional elitist thinks partying will make Trump go away.

Are You A Good Feminist Or A Bad Feminist?

By: Millie Weaver | 3 hours ago

Liberal feminists and conservatives debate in the streets.

Video: Incredible Scenes of Bizarre Behavior by Mentally Ill Leftists

By: 3 hours ago

Our media crew traveled around the nation to confront leftists in their native environment!

U.S. Vaccination Court Cover-up Exposed By Infowars

By: The Alex Jones Show

Secret court stopped publishing results of lawsuits against the government.

Abortion’s Biggest Secret: Babies Sold For Over $100k, Women Should Demand Money For Their Harvest

By: The Alex Jones Show

Learn the dark truth about the abortion industry.