Wednesday, January 24, 2018 | Video

Video: The War on Men
  • Why masculinity is under assault.
Disney to Give Employees $1,000 Bonuses in Wake of Tax Reform
  • About 125,000 U.S. employees will be eligible...
Two Students Killed in Kentucky School Shooting, Suspect Arrested
  • Shooter not named, will be charged with murder, attempted murder
UK “Minister of Loneliness”: Social Media Depression & Early Death

Young Europeans are depressed from a lack of socializing.

Dr. Alveda King: Roe v Wade Movie Will Transcend Censors

This anti-abortion documentary will overcome all opposition.

Roger Stone to Address the Oxford Union January 30th

Oxford Union is the world's most prestigious debating society

E-Verify: Biometric National ID Masked As Immigration Control

Spy state continues expanding.

Charlie Daniels: We Almost Lost Our Country Last Fall

America walked on thin ice and almost fell through.

'Crazy Jim Acosta': Trump Nicknames Fake News CNN Reporter

Reporter acknowledged Trump win in showdown with Dems over gov't shutdown.

Davos Elite Discuss Global Warming -- While Snowed In!

Confab of 60 heads of state and hundreds of business leaders meet to address climate change.

NFL Censors US Veterans' #PleaseStand Super Bowl Commercial
NFL Censors US Veterans' #PleaseStand Super Bowl Commercial
  • Largest veterans service group in America stiff-armed.

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Unintended Consequences: A Tale of Two Hepatitis B Studies

By: World Mercury Project 12 hours ago

Exposing blanket prescriptions recommending all infants get hepatitis B vaccine

Trump to Speak With Erdogan as Turkey Attacks Kurds in Syria

By: New York Daily News 12 hours ago

Erdogan reportedly accused U.S. for supporting a terrorist organization

Infowars Cell Phones Mysteriously Die in Times Square

By: Kit Daniels | 12 hours ago

Deep State agencies can kill phones remotely using cell tower mimickers

"The Wall is the Wall": Trump's Comeback to Kelly’s Naysaying

By: Ben Warren | 13 hours ago

If there is no Wall, there is no Deal, he said

Report: War Criminals Applying for Asylum in Sweden Quadruple

By: 13 hours ago

They're not sending their best

Czech Republic, Bulgaria Oppose EU’s Migrant Redistribution Plans

By: Voice of Europe 13 hours ago

Nationalism grows in Eastern Europe

New Limit on the Definition of a Planet Proposed

By: Science Daily 13 hours ago

Conclusions in new paper reportedly based on observations of 146 solar systems

Turkey Assaults Kurdish Militia in Syria

By: Agence France-Presse 13 hours ago

Warplanes carried out new strikes on the Afrin enclave

French prison guards on strike. "Dreading" Islamist Prisoner Violence

By: Yves Mamou | Gatestone Institute

Importing Islamists introduced a foreign brand of criminality

Prof Tells March For Life Supporters 'Sit Down & Shut Up'

By: Campus Reform

'If you support March for Life, but don’t support free birth control, please sit down and shut up,' she says.