The process of recertifying the registration of gun owners in New York, brought on by the 2013 SAFE Act, has been filled with protest and incompetence, according to local law enforcement and gun-rights activists.

The latest dust up over the gun-control law passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting concerns the registration of gun owners. Before the law, all New York pistol licenses were issued on a lifetime basis and did not need to be renewed. The SAFE Act instituted a requirement that the licenses be recertified every five years with January 31, 2018, being the first deadline. Due to database setbacks and civil disobedience, enforcement of the requirement has faced serious hurdles.

New York law enforcement officials have been told not to enforce that provision because of a major bureaucratic backlog, according to Yates County sheriff Ron Spike.

“The NYS Sheriffs met with the NYS Police Superintendent George Beach last week and with all the mailings of recertifications coming in they (NYSP) are overwhelmed,” Sheriff Spike told the Washington Free Beacon. “It will be 9-12 months before they can have assurances that they have their database of licensees up to date. Therefore, operationally they are not recommending any enforcement actions until 2019 for noncompliance.”

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