It looks like petty criminals are also beginning to get on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. Of course, it is not through a Ponzi scheme-type fraud or hacking some bitcoin, because that wouldn’t exactly qualify as petty.

Three armed robbers showed up at a bitcoin exchange in Ottawa, Canada, Tuesday morning, and waving handguns at the four employees they found inside, tied them all up, according to Ottawa Police. One of the four employees was also struck on his head with a handgun, and according to CBC Ottawa, the robbers were looking for cash.

There was also a report by Coindesk that said the robbers tried to force one of the exchange employees “to make an outbound transaction,” but that information could not be verified from any other source.

There was a fifth employee of the exchange in the premises, in another room, who the robbers hadn’t seen, and that employee contacted the police, who arrived before any money (or bitcoin) was taken from the exchange. One of the suspects was seen running into a ravine area by the arriving police, and following a chase, he was arrested.

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