It’s hard to imagine that Donald Trump, or any Hollywood producer for that matter, could have orchestrated a better rollout for the White House tax plan. Nearly every day another major American company announces bonuses, pay raises, benefit hikes, and the like.

The latest good news comes from FedEx and Exxon, which together will invest more than $50 billion in America. Thousands of added workers will get a pay raise. This brings the total number of Americans receiving Trump bonuses to well over 3 million. That’s an outstanding pace of 10,000 workers a day.

Let’s hope this keeps up for another year or two. I’m an eternal optimist who helped draft the first campaign version of the bill, and it is all working out even better than I ever expected. ‎Even Trump says he’s surprised by the rapid response by businesses to to the cuts.

Americans are feeling the love, too. Today, 66 percent of the public ranks the economy as good or great, a complete turnaround from the gloom workers were feeling in the late Bush and Obama years. Most economists ridiculed Trump’s game plan and predicted that it would tank the American economy and crash land the stock market. Three percent growth was written off as the impossible dream.

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