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Soros-funded Women’s Group Hosts ‘Confront White Womanhood’ Panel
  • Women’s March organizers lecture white women on why they're racist.
'Stop Using Legal Arguments,' MSNBC's Ali Velshi To Former FCC Head
  • "It's good clickbait to say the internet is being destroyed but it's not."
Kansas Democrat Accused Of Sexual Harassment Drops Out Of US House Race
  • Another victim of the #MeToo movement, this time it's a woman.
Facebook Admits Social Media Harmful to Mental Health

Public starting to view social media like cigarettes

Dem St. Louis Mayor: Trade In Guns For Free Groceries

Murder capital of America continues looking to liberal policies to combat violence.

The Left Threaten Assassination Over Net Neutrality Vote

Once again liberals resort to violence when they don't get their way.

Malloch: Germany Demands UK's Unconditional Surrender on Brexit

Germany is in effect becoming a defacto powerhouse.

The Truth About Chain Migration

Timing coincides with NYC terror attack by chain migrant

Twitter Allows Racially Motivated Death Threats Against FCC Chair

Soros loses net neutrality vote as hard-left responds violently

Big Pharma’s Control Over the News

Through octopus foundations, the medical/pharma agenda is part and parcel of the Globalist agenda.

'The Post' Movie Is Pro-Fake News Propaganda
'The Post' Movie Is Pro-Fake News Propaganda
  • Hollywood attempts to defend their sister arm of the Deep State propaganda machine with new movie glorifying the Washington Post

By: Jake Lloyd |


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Anti-Trump Lawyer Sought Payments For Women to Accuse Trump of Sexual Harassment

By: Paul Joseph Watson | 2 days ago

Read carefully, because it's about to happen again.

Sweden Raises Retirement Age - to Cope With Immigration!

By: Kit Daniels | 2 days ago

Cuckold country: Pension funds drained to pay for migrant welfare

NAZI WHISPERS: Dutch Govt Official Tells Man With Down Syndrome How 'Expensive' He Is

By: Amanda Prestigiacomo | 2 days ago

Humans with Down syndrome are being systematically eliminated via abortion.

Feds Look to Cash In on Dark Net Drug Dealer’s $8.4 million in Bitcoin

By: Mikael Thalen | 2 days ago

Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture to receive funds following sale

Watch Live: Freedom Reigns! Obama’s Internet Regulations Cut

By: 2 days ago

POTUS continues destroying globalist policies with America First platform.

Assange: Deep State Still Intent on Removing Trump From Office

By: Paul Joseph Watson | 2 days ago

And installing Mike Pence as president.

Philadelphia City Council Approves Bill to Remove Bulletproof Glass From Storefronts

By: Fox News 2 days ago

Dems putting lives in danger, warn imperiled shopkeepers

Rosenstein Fuels Trump Witch Hunt On Capitol Hill

By: Jon Bowne | 3 days ago

The Russian investigation is falling apart.

Trump & Brexit: Game Over?

By: Paul Joseph Watson |

What's the point in voting anymore if the elite can just cancel the result?

Omarosa Blames CNN’s ‘Personal Vendetta’ For Fake News Attack


Trump aide refutes claims of being fired, dragged from White House.